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About Only Lovely

We are award-winning graphic designers, craft lovers, and DIY enthusiasts. We specialize in wedding branding and handmade invitations to bring a unique experience to your special day or event. From custom save the dates to personalized keepsakes, we're here for it all.


Meet owner and creative director, Aldrena,  to learn more about the inspiration behind Only Lovely.

About OL

Meet Aldrena
Owner & Creative Director

Hi Friends, 


I’m elated to lead the creative design work for Only Lovely. I bring an extensive background in graphic design and work with clients across industries in both the public and private sector. I’m a mom, a black woman, a daughter, and sister of six siblings. I bring all of my collective identities to my work.


Fun Fact: I've always loved celebrations — the big life milestones that bring together family and friends all centered around honoring a special moment in time.  I’ve  designed invitations for my own graduations and my children's parties. I was creative design director for my sisters' weddings. I've worked with wedding and event planners designing for their clients' celebrations. From designing for baby showers, birthday parties, private parties and conferences, I’ve done it all. And I absolutely love it.


You know what else I love? I truly adore any opportunity to combine hand crafts and digital design. (A tad bit nerdy, right?). I started out with crocheted creations of animals, wearables and decor that has now evolved into beautifully handcrafted designs for weddings and special events. 


I’m excited to bring all of my experiences and my love for design to ensure that your experience is Only Lovely.


Creatively Yours,

Aldrena (she/her)

Meet Aldrena
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